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Political anger and Medicare

Two interesting posts over at the Monkey Cage this morning.

First, John Sides has an interesting brief about the consequences of anger as a political motivator, with an informative quote by Francis Fox Piven posted in the comments.

Second, Henry Farrell takes a moment to consider the flap over Paul Ryan suggesting that Medicare for seniors is welfare. Farrell rightly points out that Medicare is kind of the definition of welfare. From my point of view, I think it is important to label government assistance programs which benefit the “deserving poor” in a similar way that we label government assistance programs which benefit the “undeserving poor” as a way to destigmatize assistance.


Over 14% of Americans receive food assistance

The Wall Street Journal reported that one in seven people in the United States receive SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps). SNAP benefits are entitlements granted to those people near and below the poverty line.

Knowing that 44.2 million Americans are receiving this kind of assistance, it kind of makes me wonder how well they are being protected by the rest of the safety net.

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