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I hate child custody Nazis

The Slate Explainer from yesterday wrestles with child custody and parental politics in light of the 10-year-old Los Angeles boy who allegedly shot and killed his Neo-Nazi father. The twist, of course, is that “[t]he boy and a younger sister had been the subject of a bitter custody battle with Mr. Hall’s first wife, with a series of allegations of abuse on each side. But Mr. Hall had eventually been granted legal custody.”

The Explainer answered that a court was free to take extreme political views of parents into consideration when determining child custody (with a little more nuance, of course), provided that those views affect the best interest of the minor children.

And this is the second time this week that questions of best interest made an appearance on a major media outlet: Wednesday’s Today Show had a segment about a woman with breast cancer who did not receive custody of her children.

I think it is hard to think about either of these cases in a vacuum–one of the reasons, perhaps, that courts bristle at coming to a definition of what “best interest” means.

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